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YA Mythology High Trilogy Looking for Reviewers. It Could Be You!


Buzz Books USA has signed Mookychick editor Magda Knight to a YA high school trilogy featuring Celtic myth. Mean Girls, here we come…


We are looking for as many reviewers as possible!

Do you have a Tumblr/Blog? Do you read Young Adult fiction? Do you like it with an edge? Would you like to review the first short story in the trilogy, SEAL GIRL? If so, just email They’ll be thrilled to hear from you!

Ondine is the new girl at school. With her red hair, Irish accent, champion swimming skills and fused-together hands from a birth defect, she’s used to sticking out like a sore thumb. She tells herself she simply doesn’t care. Like the mythical seal girls, the selkies who swim in the cold Atlantic, Ondine wants to be a free spirit for the rest of her life. But then someone close to her starts to play dirty, and she’s all out of choices…
Coleen isn’t just a geek. That’s like saying Bill Gates earns a tiny bit more than some girl scout selling cookies door to door. Coleen is a talented high school hacker who can make any machine dance to her tune, including the security systems of the US government. So she’s not happy when someone tries to make her secret hacker identity public. See, that’s not a case of getting grounded - that’s prison. She’s even less thrilled when her best friend starts mooning over a new guy at school. A guy who’s perfect on the surface but weird and possibly dangerous once you start digging into the code…
Megan is blessed with a voice so unique that everyone around her is more inclined to think it’s a curse. It’s getting so bad they’re saying it to her face. Her only dream is to get into Glee Club, but as her astonishing vocal talents lead to friction, frienemies and a series of near-lethal accidents she may have to seriously rethink her options…
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